Friday, August 13, 2010


Just a little post to let anyone who is still following us know that we are still around:) It has been one BUSY summer with a couple of trips and 3 busy kids. I lovingly refer to myself (as most of you moms can understand) as the "Activity Director" of the summer. During the year, we have a great routine, my kids (and I!) know what to expect, but the summer....everyday is different and my delectable 5 year old, who loves a routine asks me daily what we are doing "in 3 days". That is because I have already answered the question to "What are we doing today?" "What are we doing this afternoon?" "What are we doing tomorrow?" "...the day after that?" I will be glad to when the answer is "school, school, school, school, school, free day, church day."

Speaking of, Trey starts Kindergarten in a little over a week!!! I can't believe it! So, I know this isn't much, but I wanted to give you something and tell you that (hopefully) I will be back on the blog bandwagon in a few weeks. I will upload a bunch of pictures of all the fun things we got to do this summer. And of course some updated pics of William, or as I refer to him, "fatboy". Man, is he delicious!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Here are some recent pictures of our little man. (Just for the record, the reason he is always against a striped background is so that if he spits up or pees, it doesn't get on my bed.) That is his main's so nice when they are still immobile.

Finally caught some smiles on camera. This was this morning (5-13 10) I love that morning love!
Another smiley pic!

This was "posed" on our towel bed background:) This was before church this past Sunday, 5-9-10. I love this outfit. My nephews wore it as well as Trey and still in great shape.
Full body shot

This is the best shot of the three of them. Man, getting the three of them to look halfway normal is a challenge and I don't have much patience with the camera.

I don't mean to shock anyone with this picture, but I wanted to share. About 3 weeks ago, William started getting a rash (it didn't look NEAR this bad at first). It continued to get worse and was all over his body...face, head, arms. Anyway, at it's worst, which was the following morning that this pic was taken, the spots were nickle sized and basically all touching. By the way, these are hives. When we went to the doctor, we found out that William is allergic to milk. We know that so decisively b/c he is exclusively on formula. So we switched to a soy formula (which is the same price, thank goodness:), and he cleared up in a couple of days. The doctor said that lots of kids that have milk allergies, outgrow them. So we will see. I just to post this, b/c I had never seen anything like this before it happened to William. I mean I had heard of hives, but never actually seen them.

"Jesus Loves Me"

This video was taken about 2 months ago. The reason it is of the back of Macy's head is because I was trying to be sneaky so she wouldn't stop singing.

Mother's Day Tea with Trey

Trey's Mother's Day Out hosted a Mother's Day Tea last Thursday. This is Trey singing "skinnery dinky dinky dink..." So So precious:)
Trey and I. For those of you who noticed and were wondering, my necklace is a "Trey Moran original" and no, you can't find them anywhere:)

Macy's Birthday

So this is VERY old, but Macy turned 3 on April 6. I had read in a Parents magazine ways to make your child's birthday special. And I loved the ideas and so we incorporated some of them into the kids birthdays this year. ( I only have pics of Macy's b/c Trey's bday was the day after I got home from the hospital having William, and Trey's bday pics are on my MIL's camera) Anyway, one thing we did was blow up a bunch of balloons so that when the kids woke up, their floor was covered. We also decorated the kitchen table and specifically their chair. Also, we made every meal that day special by putting candles in pancakes in the morning and singing and then lunch and singing and then of course dinner.

Dan carrying balloons upstairs to put on Macy's floor. One of about 4 trips upstairs!
Macy waking up on her bday...there really were more balloons than this pic shows

Macy showing us how old she is

Macy at breakfast

In car with their prizes after Chuck E Cheese's. Because we had just had a baby, we didn't really do bday parties for the kids, so this was the special event of Macy's day. She had a great time. We still had presents and cake of course, which is really all that matters!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photo Shoot

My best friend, Pam, came in for a quick visit this past weekend to meet William. Amongst other things (like setting up my treadmill) she did a photo shoot with William. I am not great at taking pictures or even at remembering to take pictures, so it is nice to have people around that do! Anyway, here are some shots of our big boy! (He weighed 10 lbs, 8 oz at his Dr. appt. last Friday...He was 2 weeks 3 days:)

This little boy definitely belongs to our family, but I don't know who he looks like. Everyone else has an opinion, but they are all different :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Review...

I know this post is so late, but blogging is very low on my list right now...but I really want to keep up. So here are some pictures that other people took (namely my sister and mother-in-law!)
Macy was born on Good Friday 3 years ago and her birth announcement picture was of her in Dan's Easter basket (It says "Daddy") My sister re-created this with William. He never woke up
My biggest challenge is going to be getting 3 kids looking at the camera and smiling at the same time...this was the best out of about 15 shots...turned out cute!All the cousins after the Easter egg hunt! From L to R :
Sam, Andrew, Trey, Macy, and Luke
For those of you that aren't from Texas...we have something AWESOME around Easter. Cascerones, otherwise known as confetti eggs. My mother-in-law has memories from her childhood of saving egg shells for weeks before Easter and then filling them with confetti. We luckily can just buy them from the store! Basically what you do is sneak up on someone and crack the confetti filled egg on the person's head. It can get pretty violent...and the adults have more fun than the kids! Macy in mid-throw.
Dan getting my sister, Tamara
Dan handing out ammo

Dan running after getting my mom. This was taken with my sister's awesome camera! By the way, we went through 12 dozen eggs...and were left still wanting more! I am still finding confetti in my house two weeks later :)